About me

Hi, this is Pragati here, thanks for visiting my website and showing interest in my blog.

It is like a dream come true to have my own website. Thanks to you all who supported and inspired me to cook, try and write recipes. It would be had not been possible without the love, liking, and interest in my recipes. Thanks to you all.

A little about myself. I am a girl from Maharashtra born and bought up in Pune. My husband also belongs to Pune so never have to leave my town. My entire life before coming to the US has spent in Pune, Maharashtra. My native place is Konkan (Malwan) and my parents as well. I am a Bachelor in Commerce graduate and left my Masters incomplete as I started workings soon when I got my bachelors degree. I worked with MNC for a few years and due to some circumstances, I was not able to work further. I was stay at home mom and later started to trade on Indian stock market when I came to the US, the reason behind going in this field was because I use to feel about doing nothing. US visa didn’t allow me to work. Again the timing is too late for me in the US to trade NSE, but at least it gives me some satisfaction of earning something than nothing. I handle and manage my portfolio by myself. But it still leaves me an empty entire day(not busy). It’s not that I don’t enjoy my days in theUS, I am whole day involved in learning and experimenting and educating myself, but still want to do more and doing nothing kills.

I have always been appreciated for my food from my parents, in-laws, family, and friends. Everybody likes the food I make. It never came into my mind to start something writing a blog on food or etc. But always had that feeling to show and share my skills with everyone. The skills I had was left within me till date, but now onwards I will share through my website.

My hobbies are crafting, painting(not so perfect), cooking and experimenting on it. Photography is not my cup of cake. It developed when I started taking pictures of my cooked food to write a blog. My husband is a god gifted photographer and we had DSLR since I got married, but never thought of learning photography. My husband Rahul use to have his shoot pictures on PUNE exhibition late 2005. It stopped when he got much busy on his work in IT, “work comes with responsibility” right?.

He was the one to arrive the US before me and six months later in 2014 I and my daughter came, at that time his love camera travelled with us and was left all alone till date. My daughter is born photographer and our few best pictures are captured by her when she was 3 years old .She is creative and food stylist of recent few food pictures and has helped me in styling my food. I will share my picture behind the scene as well.

This will at least make all the beginners like you and me understand how all it works to get to the perfect picture. My Iphonex is current tool and gear for me taking my food pictures, soon I will soon start using my nikond750 soon. My few pictures are captured with D750 but with very old lenses. I will buy new one when I become perfect on technicals.

My cooking taught me photography and interest in taking pictures. I take a picture with my iPhone. The powerful and easy tool I have in my hand. I started with Instagram and looking at the interest and people following me made me realize that I should move up and write a blog and share my link on it.

A big thanks to my husband and my daughter to support me and help me manage all the household when I am busy getting food plating and photography stuff. It would be had not been perfect without their help and support.

Please do visit my recipes. I make it very simple and cooking easy.

Once again Thanks to all to shower blessings and support.

Please leave comment and feedback, so I can improve more in achieving my goals.